Services Offered

Here are available products and services I am offering for your convenience. Please call or email for more information or to set up an appointment.


Creative writing and report edition $15.00/hr.

Editing Creative Writing or Reports Review unit/per hour

Editing Creative Writing and Academic Reports Review.


Astrological Chart Printouts $3.00

Solar Fire Printed Astrological Charts

This is simply as states an Printed Astrological Chart using the program Solar Fire from Esoteric Technologies. If you choose to have a reading done by me, you will receive this as a free service $3.50 value for signing up to have a reading.



General Housecleaning/Landscaping Services by the hour.

Assisting you and your loved ones in your home with minor landscaping related services. I charge $17.00/hour. I will require proper landscaping tools that you may need to provide. I am skilled with many different types of landscaping equipment, such as Power Blower, Power Lawnmower, Power sheers, many different types of landscape weed prevention types of equipment, as well as most standard hand tools, paint brushes, for assisting you with staining decks, painting indoor/outdoor projects, etc. If this is something you might require assistance with, Let’s schedule some time.


Usui Reiki Master, certified through Kate Mckee, as Shamanic Practitioner taught Reiki from a direct and Pure line and certified by Rod Abernathy, Advanced Karuna Reiki Master as 1st Degree Usui Reiki Master. Will do long distance Reiki healing sessions also. $75.00/hour. Please contact me to set up an appointment or to schedule long-distance I would rather not ask donations, but as a Reiki Master, the organization wants all of us to charge minimal fees for these Healing Services,  and the dedication and time it takes to properly focus Universal Life Force Healing Energies. I can be reached at (503)318-7530 or at this email address:

Certified Reiki Donation/and Instruction Services

I offer these services as an ongoing rate of $75.00/hour.


Quickbooks Pro Installation and accounting assistance at $25.00/hour.

Quickbooks Pro Installation and Accounting Setup Price per hour.

I use Quickbooks Pro online, and will offer help to install and setup your accounts. I have been using Intuit products for more than 20 years.



Voyager Tarot Archetypal Self Readings. I have been doing Voyager Tarot Archetypal Self Readings for more than 30 years. I have been told by several people that my readings are very powerful and generally right on. If you have questions or challenges you are seeking answers for, contact me, and we can do a Voyager Tarot Reading for you. This reading can be very time-consuming and generally its easy for me to get lost in the process of providing coaching to you and yours, but initially, for an hour I would charge $95 and prices after the first hour would be negotiable.

Specialized Tarot Readings $95 using the Voyager Tarot,

The Voyager Tarot is graphically inspiring and true to what the creator of this particular version of this ancient Study of Tarot Cards and Occultism, and Occult Practices had intended. I do not classify Occultism as Negative, and I do not believe in Black Magic. I base my understandings on the greater teachings of the Great Master's brought forth to us by Alice Bailey, and her followers, Dwal Kul, and the Master's that came before him, including the Master's Lord Maitreya (or Coming Buddha), El Morya, and St. Germaine, all great authorities in our inner worlds of Esoteric Wisdom. Join me, and let's Discover, who We Are in the Spirit of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, and all of the Great inspired Spiritual teachers of the Past.



Generalized Spiritual Chart Reading and Interpretation. $90
for 1.5 hours. I am providing separate payment buttons based on your customization.

Esoteric Astrology Readings What You Will Get Initially.
Initial Reading /hour $85.00 USD plus another half hour amounting to a total of $90

Update/hour $50.00 USD use separate Pay button.

Certified Reiki Donation/and Instruction Services

I offer these services as an ongoing rate of $75.00/hour.


Generalized Spiritual Chart Reading for an hour and half at $90

This Service will Provide you with an Hour and a half Reading, a free printed chart, with time to answer some of your more customized questions in the half hour after the initial reading. Total value of this service is $85.00 for the initial hour, a free printed chart and/or recording of this service, and an additional half hour at $5.00 to explore your customized questions.


Shamanic Astrological Reading as defined by Daniel Giamario in his Non Profit 501 3C organization called Shamanic Astrology Mystery School where I am a student Certified Shamanic Astrologer program. $80/hr.

Specialized and Customized uncertified Shamanic Astrology Reading $75.00

This is an Uncertified Astrological Reading according to Daniel Giamario's Shamanic Astrology Mystery School according to the Guidelines of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. It is only Uncertified because I was not able to attend the final class involving Night Sky Teachings according to Daniel Giamario which I believe the School later eliminated as a requirement for Full Certification. I follow the script according to Daniel and Cayelin regarding how to properly give this reading.


Ray-Centered Astrological Reading. Customize for the work brought forth by Alice Bailey from the Tibetan Master with respect to Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology. $90/hr.

Please use same Pay button as described above as Generalized Spiritual/Esoteric Astrology Reading.

Outer Planet Life Initiation tracking and interpretation.

Outer Planet Transits Update and/or Initial reading $80.00

Customized reading focused on Outer Planet Transits generalized updates for all Astrological type readings I offer.


Standard Transits Readings. $80/hr.

Generalized Standard Transits Readings Inner/Outer Planets updates, See previous pay button for this service.

Offer Lectures on “Basics of Astrology”, “Spiritual Astrology”, and “Astrology and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot” Payment negotiable depending on number of attendees.

All  of my Astrological Chart readings come with a free Customized Astrological Chart ($3.00 value)

For more information, please call (503)318-7530, or email
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