Journey to yourself Store’s Sales and Services

What is Journey to Yourself Store?  This is a separate url dedicated exclusively to making online purchases for any services and products you might want to purchase associated with my Primary Blog and totally self-developed website at found at this url .  My hope is to make my store as user friendly as possible for my followers and consumers to purchase service and products online.

This site will be built to make online purchases directly through my paypal account with cc/dc’s or directly from your own personal Paypal account.   Please browse this secondary page  for services and products you might be interested in.

My prices will probably be raised somewhat due to cost of maintaining this site, and other factors necessary to make this site and its services and products readily available to my customer base.

I am currently now working permanent FT with Columbia Sportswear, but I am open to part time assistance for you in your home for minor duties such as housecleaning, landscaping, etc. I am no longer providing health care related services at this time.

Please note: however, I also have an ongoing contract with Washington State University Extension program at the Heritage Farms Community Garden site, where I have been designated as the onsite Rototiller person for all community privately owned garden plots specific for use as Organic Garden plots.

Should you have a need or require tilling at the Community Garden at WSU Extension off of 78th Street in Vancouver, WA, my fees are $25.00/plot. Each plot is 20′ by 20′. I look forward to assisting you with your needs.

All of the details about my products, and/or services will hopefully be clear.  Please share with those persons, companies, or individuals you know who might be interested in what I have to offer.

As an incentive, if there are further services or products you may require for the next month, upon referral, I will give you a temporary discount for the next month on eligible services, after I have provided the initial service you requested for you or any person or company you may have referred to this site and store.



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